Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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Miss Grand Bahama Round One Folded into the upstairs office of the Rock Island Grill restaurant, five of the six Miss Grand Bahama contestants expected to make the night's preliminary round of the beauty pageant, chatter with each other beneath the dim light of the ceiling fan above.

It is half past five. There should have been six of them by now. The earliest of the group, Angelica Charlton, a mild-mannered 19 year old of few words and deep thoughts, had been there since 4:15. The girls are minutes away from the interview period with the judges and the beginning of the competition. The winner will become the first young woman to be crowned Miss Grand Bahama after a more than 10-year hiatus.

The afternoon sun blinks into twilight and darkens the glass panes of the room's single window and a French door that opens onto a balcony, charging the bulb of the fan to replace its rays. 2007 plus size prom dresses