Friday, January 19, 2007

2007 prom dresses

USA : Milano Formals showcases prom trends of 2007 (Milano Formals) yet again puts forward unique sumptuous designer prom dresses for the New Year 2007. As the year 2007 is approaching new rejuvenated styles are emerging.

More importance is given to textures and layers. Most of the prom dresses have cleaner silhouette with a lot of layering done on the fabric.

Our efficient designer Andy Anand who keeps on modifying his style of designing dresses, has always come up with something new and fresh for the fashion prone shoppers.

In Andy Anand's words “Since different views and conflicting ideas are juxtaposed together, it has always given shape to inspiring new designs for my dresses. Whatever I design whether it is a prom dress or the traditional bridal gown it definitely collaborates with the growing and ever changing fashion trend."

"This time prom dresses have become more and more enduring and seductive and darker hues along with brilliant pulsating colors are put to use to add sparkle in the prom evenings."

"Try out the dresses especially those with layering done on them which is very much in fashion." . 2007 prom dresses